Sporx.com, and Futbol Extra -Football Magazine- has won three major awards from Turkish Sports Journalists’s Associaction.

Sporx.com has won 2 awards in the category of ‘Sports Journalism on Internet’ on “TSYD Sports Journalists Awards” competition. Also, Futbol Extra Magazine which is published from Maksimum Iletisim has won an award in the category of ‘Examination – Research’.

Esat DERGI’s interview with Andre MORITZ (Brazilian football player for Mersin İdman Yurdu) that published as “Andre Moritz: I’ll read the Koran” and Hilmi SEVER’s interview with Porto’s worldwide famous player Hulk which is published as “Hulk: I’ve begun to play football by bare feet” has won 2 awards.

In addition, Alican OZCAN’s research article “The waste never seen before” that published on Futbol Extra Magazine which belongs to Maksimum Iletisim has won an award.

Award winner 2 interviews on Sporx.com:
Andre Moritz: “I’ll read the Koran” (Esat Dergi)

Hulk: “I’ve begun to play football by bare feet” (Hilmi Sever)

For the full list of award winners: TSYD Sports Journalists Awards